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try out

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first topic awesomeness!!!

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Guess it's official, we're an Toriko RP now yeah

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Primary Focus registration template

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Primary Focus registration template

Post by Zack Rose on Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:48 pm

The below template should be used for abilities.

Primary Focus: Name of the focus e.g. Poison, Sound. Users get one primary focus.
Description: A description of the focus in detail

Name of Ability:

Calorie Count: The number of calories it takes to use the ability. For duration abilities such as an armor this will drain calories per post its kept active rather than one giant calorie count
Description: Description of the spell. Should include things like durability, ranges, speeds, size etc

  • Strengths of the ability


  • Weaknesses of the ability, must have one more weakness than strength

Please use the below code

[b]Primary Focus:[/b]

[spoiler=Name of Ability]
[b]Calorie Count:[/b]
[*]Strengths of the ability
[*]Weaknesses of the ability, must have one more weakness than strength
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